Thursday, January 22, 2009

More hardcore than gansta rap YO

Although the sheer tacky factor would normally have me on my knees under the pope’s robes prepared to thank the lord for bestowing us with such a magnificent jewelry item such as this… I must confess, I want a rig of these bitches for all four fingers for the danger factor.
These things could prove to be far more deadly or damaging than a set of brass knuckles. Seriously you could punch someone and aerate them of blood the way you wear those funny spiky shoes to aerate the lawn. Somehow the thought of doing harm with a mythological 14kt gold horned creature, almost seems redeeming; like all the forgotten unicorns of the world are getting payback for thinking them not real and we TOTALLY know these bitches are real and since you don’t believe…


Stabbed by the horns of sweet justice

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