Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cause what else are we going to do? Work?!!

Mel: can we create a snarky blog together?
Anna: ooh, yes let's!
Mel: we're funny and oh so clever
Anna: but I would have to find a way to be witty at all times
Mel: what would we talk about?
Anna: I'd love a place to post all of the random quirky/funny/gross shite I find and we'd talk about whatever we want
Mel: good idea. What would we call it?
Anna: asinine?
Mel: nah, too smarty pants
Anna: synonyms
Mel: innocuous
Anna: as a word lover, vacuous is good
Mel: vacant is simple and good too. Innocuous reminds me of the LCD song
Anna: Innocuous connotes innocence. Oooh, we could use a LCD quote as the header! Get Innocuous? Losing My Edge?
Mel: focus Anna
Anna: Oh, insipid is another good one. Vacuous & Insipid. Maybe use both
Mel: hmmm...not bad
Anna: it makes the point by being redundant
Mel: right, but I feel like it’s too people will go "wait Bertha, what was them words again?" "I dunno Jed, yous was always the smart one"
Anna: Again, making the point!
Mel: I’m just thinking simplify, but I am down for clever, bask in our intelligent glory and Mel's bad spelling I think I will purposefully not spell check my entries
Anna: I'm all for fancying it up with a bunch of words I read in the New Yorker and pretend to use all the time.
Mel: LOL. Deal
Anna: Excellent
Mel: and I can use myself as an example of the failure of school systems
Anna: fantastic! I'll use myself as an example of failed potential
Mel: HA
Anna: and the dangers of high intelligence grouped with deep emotional problems & a high dose of laziness
Mel: I just laughed OUT LOUD, like OMFG LOL
Anna: this blog will be so bad ass, we'll get a book deal
Mel: HA, I wish
Anna: and it will be made into a movie, I'm trying to decide if it would be cool enough that Margaret Cho would play me
Mel: OH and then I can retire and have lots and lots of sex with Adrian Brody
Anna: or if I should go for the skinny Lana bitch from Smallville
Mel: Cho rules but who would play me?
Anna: Adrian Brody is the only really, really skinny man I really want to devour in bed
Mel: yes yes, I want to break him...and I KNOW that dude's packing
Anna: he looks like fun; like, spend the morning in bed & then hit the town fun
Mel: mmmmmm delicious fun
Anna: Adrian Brody makes me ovulate.
Mel: we'll share
Anna: deal

So it is born upon you poor souls, that we shall pollute your eyes with our dribble, spewing forth like diarrhea of the mouth after consuming burnt curry at a 1star Indian restaurant...our blog.

(because we're fucking bored and need something to waste our excess time on)

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  1. what can i say, i love shit-play. especially after curry.

    best first post ever.