Monday, February 16, 2009

Professionalism at its Best

My goofy reply to a part-time work email.

Name: [redacted. The feds aren't the only ones who love censorship!]

Phone number: [redacted]

Availability: [redacted]

Carpooling (with whom, when/where they work, etc.): [redacted]

Any other pertinent info you feel I should know: A perfect, bookish, introverted, fun-loving, analytical, neatnik Leo who enjoys rich & spicy food, good whiskey, falling asleep on her couch, Japanese baths, tater tots and bean dip who also has very intense dreams that tend to come true like the time I dreamed that I fashioned a pair of wings from super-light, indestructible cobalt-titanium alloy and flew into the sun where I was transformed into a multi-dimensional dragon of paradoxically microscopic & astronomic size, with unlimited wisdom, knowledge & beauty as well as omnipotence. I then returned to dominate over the earth in a golden age of discovery, knowledge and partnership with the earth and all living things for 1 million peaceful years, called Pax PaxAnna. Then I got bored, sneezed and blew it all away.



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