Monday, February 2, 2009

Beware the porcupine lady

I would say couture because typically you think of craziness and avant-garde fashion with that word…you also think of its intention, which is “hand-made” one offs…however I look at this and think the following:

My temporary quick fix of a Hefty garbage bag rain coat met with an untimely accident against:
a rouge weed wacker hell bent on infesting the world with cowboy fringe
a rouge wolverine hell bent on ridding the world of shitting garbage bag rain coats
a rouge fashionista hell bent on supplying an eye sore in the name of trend setting


I did a couple lines of meth while watching a marathon of bad cowboy B Movies and Blade Runner and thought that I was fashion forward and my black vinyl rain guard would be PERFECT with tassels, a zipper and an over sized monk hood…I should totally accessorize with my dull leather old maid shoes from my stint in the Catholic School. I rule

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