Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Damn I miss this shit

‪A: ‬ ‪yo‬
Red: ‬ ‪yoooo
‪A: ‬ ‪what's going on?‬
lunch break, have to get in all the funny news now...
R: ‬ ‪oh, I have no funny news‬
unless pluggin up Bri's toilet counts?
R: :|
A: No you and Amber stuff?
‪R: ‬ ‪oh, me and Amber ye‬sss
um, ran into some dude at the Cha Cha she knew who had two dudes with him
those two dudes were really friendly to us, until we opened our mouths and then they got all butt hurt
‪A: ‬ ‪hee hee
‪R: ‬ ‪one was 21 with floppy hair, which wasn't bad, until you got to the fact where his hair was brushed into a wave and he was wearing a Bill Cosby sweater‬
‪A: ‬ ‪holy shit‬!
and 21
no bueno
‪R: ‬ ‪exactly
‪A: ‬ ‪these hipsters‬‬ ‪going the way of the whiny Goth‬
Robert Smith wannabes will look back in pain
‪R: ‬ ‪HA
I'm just annoyed the blatantly obvious 80's fashion that they think is ironic‬
some young girl had a Jeff Gordon NASCAR travel bag
really? REALLY?!!!
fucking help them all
‪A: ‬ ‪I think I'm just going to dress as a clown for Halloween‬...
and call myself a hipster
‪R: ‬ ‪they'll be jealous
make sure to wear stone wash jeans
why the fuck is that back?!
‪A: ‬ ‪to make us look good in comparison‬
‪R: ‬ ‪and much wiser apparently‬
‪A: ‬ ‪damn straight‬


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