Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gaga's Meat Curtains

(you smell like my crevace after a long day frolicking on a war ship)

After seeing a photo of Cher at the VMA’s, I am beginning to wonder if this thing-cuz surely she cannot be a human-has made a deal with some sort of anti aging succubus, trading her soul for either an amazing plastic surgeon or just an anti aging scheme which allows her to turn back time. My other wonder is whether or not she shaves or lasers what is sure to be one epic dark muff, given her genes, yet not even a mere shadow shows with that outfit when you know damn good and well that her greatly explored canyon is just a few millimeters below that fabric line.

My other confusion is Gaga…do I throw her directly on the bbq? And how bad must she have smelled being in the heat with meat on her body? Where bugs circling her? Was the meat treated to prevent spoiling? And most of all, how much did the Vegans want to stake her to a cross for using the poor little animals for a fashion statement instead of allowing them to over populate while frolicking in fluffy fields?

found an interview on Gaga's Meat drapings:

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  1. She doesn't have to shave or laser her muff. One word: Transplant. She did what balding men do, relocate the plentiful hair to an area that needs it more.